Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Tuesday of 2009

It has been 11 days ever since my last written blog. 
Days ago, it was Christmas, people are wishing one another 'Merry Christmas', though I felt nothing special about the so called special day though.
I went to church that day (second time this year), seriously I don't care about religion so much, I prefer to be religion-less.
My cousin told me that, 'If there's god, there's ghost', what she wanted to say is not to be so scared about this ghosts' or spirits' stuff. However, when I was starting to believe what she said, something happened and now I am uncertain whether they really exist or not.

Firstly, is a show called 'Ghost Adventures' that I watched two days ago in Penang. The people are going for adventures in those haunted mansions, hospitals... And they actually encountered ghosts! Although they can't see the ghosts, they recorded the sounds, and some creepy videos..
The second thing just occurred yesterday, this morning I was woken up by my dad, and I was told that my grandma's sister (known as Yi Po in Cantonese) was missing since yesterday afternoon. I was frightened and we planned to go out to search for her, in every places possible. However, later she went back to her house on her own. Gosh, I and my grandma were panicked. God bless us! She told us that she was somehow 'hypnotised' and was brought to the river side (I believe its Kinta River), and she slept overnight there. She said she encountered two ghosts, and one of them tried to drown her. Luckily she's alright now...

I had the worst dream ever this morning... Those 'starring' in my dream were both my grandpa, my family and also Tommy... Oh Tommy, I was expressionless when I lose you, but all came out in the dream, I love you forever... 

Oh well, I and my family went to Penang two days ago, I was unwilling to go, however, I don't have a choice~ 2 days in Penang, bought 2 clothes and 1 pair of pants only. Anyway we encountered a nice Indian guy there, he really can remove my prejudice towards Indians, he saw us on the road (and we were inside our car), and he knocked and asked if we lose our way or what, and whats more, he lead us to our destination! (Aurora Court) Nice guy indeed ^_^

I finished reading my InkHeart trilogy last night (after a year), nice book! Time to start my new book~ 
3 days ++ until NS! Tomorrow gonna go Taiping for a gathering of Myhuayue, Gambateh Yoshi-san!

Friday, December 18, 2009

18th December 2009

Seems like I had made myself get used to writing blog once every two days,thats a nice habit, but I'll not write more starting 2nd January next year...
Talking about yesterday, I slept at around 2 o'clock. It was since long time ago I didn't sms so crazily like that, well I guess I should cheers for having a target to sms once again~

Oh, ever since I got my new toothbrush, I barely skip brushing my teeth anymore. In case some of you don't know how my toothbrush looks like, there is a photo below =)
Besides brushing my teeth, I also made myself get used to a habit before sleeping, that is reading, and of course, storybooks. I had liked reading storybooks ever since I got into secondary school, and my favourite type of books is Fantasy type~ Currently I am reading InkHeart trilogy, I'll be finishing it soon (I took one year o.o) Hope I'll get a new book in Christmas XD

Yesterday I dreamt of some special stuffs again, my cousins Amy and Alvin were inside, they were holding some special stuff, a Mickey Mouse and a Donald Duck staff o.o That reminded me of Kingdom Hearts, nice game huh?
It was a rainy morning, I still remember the previous week was an awfully hot week, and all of a sudden it becomes so cool and rainy... Our mother Earth sure is suffering... 

Oh, my grandmother's sister stayed in my house yesterday, she just came back from KL. She always says that she is a bird locked in the cage in KL, since her daughters left her alone in the condominium when they go to work every morning. She's indeed a great woman, she and her husband were working in my primary school, selling food, and she 'sponsored' me food ever since I was Standard 4, I shan't forget those days.
When I went downstairs for breakfast, I saw my grandmother putting her fingers into the water-boiling-pot to try the temperature, obviously the water was hot, but she said she already got used to it, that was somehow awesome and pitiful... Anyway today they discussed about my NS thing, they gave me some clothes' pins, wow they are yellow! o.o

Tinker told me that our Camp name were different according to the letter, his is Kem Pelangi Hill while mine is Kem Geo Kosmo, how disappointing! Never mind, I still have to pass those days, so Gambateh! I also checked the locations of our camps, mine is around Behrang while his around Kerling, the two places were closed to each other, but still they are different places~

Anyway I ate my favourite food this afternoon, rainy afternoon, that is the Wall's Cornetto Royale, Strawberry Kisses drumstick :) I love ice-creams~ 
Well, the idea of going cinema for Avatar was cancelled due to the unwillingness of my brother. I shall go and watch it another day! Anyone ask me out please? >_<
I knew from a tv movie that there's a flower that blooms only in night time, and it wilts very quickly, it is called the 昙花 in Chinese. I did a research on web, in English it is called the Epiphyllum. It is really a beautiful flower! That flower became my second favourite flower while the number one is Chrysanthemum. Below is a photo of Epiphyllum.
I also discussed about something with one of my junior, I told him that I wanted to learn Gu Zheng from my teacher, but he said that maybe its too late. Oh, its not like I am learning it to become a teacher as well or a performer, it is merely my interest. I've been liking Gu Zheng ever since Form 1 and I never got the chance to learn it, now that my mother permitted me to learn, I shall grab the chance tightly! By the way, I like piano too =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

16th December 2009

Today I startled by a bad dream and woke up.
I always have strange dreams... This one is kinda strange either...
In the dream, I was notified that I was chosen to battle for the country (means to be a soldier), I was in front of a building, I can see the CO boys practising inside through the windows... They were waving to me, until a military vehicle stopped in front and I was dragged and equipped with the military uniform, strange uniform... And then, I was holding an ultraman doll in my hands, they snatched it away and throw it onto the floor... Tears flowed out from my eyes and I woke up... 
Well, I always imagined myself to be this and be that when I am daydreaming, but the thing is they never happen in my dreams! Oh, since I am having dreams, I can't sleep well again.

Later on, after I rolled on my bed for a while, I made my bed and go in front of my laptop, I promised Yew that I am going to be online by 8 to send him some important stuff. But he wasn't online =_=ll After sending him the stuffs (of course after he online), I was once more 'summoned' by my mother to eat breakfast.
What a busy day, after the breakfast, I was ordered my my ma'am to remove the curtains and wipe the windows and the cabinets. I put a CD into the player~ I burned it myself, all my favourite CO songs. The housework process lasts for one and a half hour, my uncle came when I was mopping the cabinets.
He told his mother (which is my grandmother) that when he went to KL with my dad yesterday, he picked up RM50 by the road. He keep emphasized on how lucky he was and the reason the cleaner didn't pick it was because he is meant to have it. My grandmother and mother were both not concentrating on hearing what he said though~
Apart from that, my grandmother said that  I and my sister is completely inverted. I don't like to go out, always help them do housework and etc. while my sister is completely different. The fact is, I was being said girlish and my sister being said boyish ever since we were small. I already get used to it anyway.

I finally got my PLKN letter today! Uncle Postman pressed the doorbell as usual but this time pressed a few times, he needs the receiver's signature. I've been waiting for it for weeks already~ I kinda looking forward to PLKN, cheers! 16 days to go! (PLKN is National Service in malay, Program Latihan Khidmat Negara)
My mum also wanted me to go to the Amway meeting... I don't wanna go, but my mum want me to call up my friend, who is interested... Luckily he didn't reply me! Or else I'll have to accompany him.
Anyway, when I was chatting with someone this afternoon, I felt sudden pain near my chest, the part below my ribs... I always feel sudden pain somewhere, sometimes heart, sometimes head, hope its not a big problem.

Today played MapleStory for a long time, and mum nagged for a few times, but she won't have the chance to nag me anymore after 16 days from today. And I will be free from my maid-life!!! Cheers! 

Monday, December 14, 2009

14th December 2009

Today's the last day of SPM, everyone seemed so happy and celebrating for it, but all the same, I feel nothing at all.
The Chinese paper really somehow frightened me, the paper 2 was easy ( at least easier than usual ), but the paper 1 essays made me strained my brain for the points, and I handed it up without any confidence.
When I was doing my essay, I can't concentrate on it. My mind somehow flew somewhere, probably flew to the CO boys downstairs, I wanted to finish the Chinese paper off fast and go down to see them.

Well, their performance today was great, I don't think we can put up the same quality of performance back then.
Other than the CO boys, my mind keep thinking of a person, time to apply the SDL lessons, ERASE ERASE ERASE!

Today my juniors told me about a thing, I was shocked after knowing it, but I think it better remains a secret, let others know will only creates more conflicts, and it doesn't benefit anyone at all either. Sometimes we need to learn to remain silent in certain situations.
Anyway, one of them was playing SanXian, he asked me to teach him yesterday, but once I saw he playing it, I don't think thats needed anymore.
There are many people more talented than me, or I should say, most of them are more talented than me. I am just a lazy and noob heck. 
However, I always remind myself not to be too sensitive about how people thinks about me. Yeah I may be a noob, but I don't f***ing care how you all think about me.
I realised, I didn't dare to take many steps because I cared what others think about me. Time to step forward without any hesitation! I shall do what I like to do! One of the I-want-to-do list is learning the instrument I like, I don't care if I'll be the noobest in STCO. Anyway, who cares?

I like a song recently, its an old song, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.
This is a part of the lyrics.
I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today

Anyway, when I am blogging, my mum came back from her Amway gathering thing, she was injured. She said she fell down and went to the hospital, 6 stitches. Well, hope she recovers soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009

11th December 2009

The song I uploaded a few days ago loses its link,
I think there's changes occurred in Imeem, 
Won't upload any more, I do not have the patience to do such thing anymore~

Well, today I went to school to watch over my little juniors,
I only decided to go after my two and only juniors called me up in sequence to beg me... I ain't so heartless~ Am I?
No one can be as heartless as Mr. Yang,
The following is a short quote from what he said
"sacrificing for no reasons by giving themselves an excuse of i love who so ever, for example : parents love their children = bullshit, to me parents grow a person up for the purpose of inheritance, treating my parents well when they are old i merely returning a favor, there is no love, there is only sympathy"
He needs to be brainwashed, if not sooner or later he will become a heartless serial killer~

Talking about today's inter-school competition,
Well, some of them did improve their skills, but others still need to work on it more.
Saw a new boy thats not bad, just need to practise more, I think his name's Dominic? Anyway Kai Sheng was good, TSUBARASHI to him~
Going to school today really washed away my 'missing' of them.
I don't know since when, I've been dreaming about them every nights.
The dreams are mostly in school, precisely, in STCO room.
I can remember some, I can always see some people in my dream, Yang, Yih Ming, Chee Cherng, Boon Kae, Wei Lun and sometimes our teacher Teh.
I really missed those days when i practised like hell for the competition, 
or the days i lazy like hell and failed in competitions.
Regrets built up and they can't be fixed, I only can try to improve my future works.

There's one person I want to talk about here, that is our teacher Teh.
A few days ago, when I was walking home after my Chemistry papers,
Teacher Teh passed by and gave me a ride to my home, that was so nice of him.
I realised that we might hate someone in this moment, but we might like him in the other moment.
When we are override by hatred, we can see things clearly, that creates our prejudice towards others, 
Thats why I am now trying to see things more clearly, not only see someone's dark side, but also their brighter side.
By the way, I haven't got the chance to see teacher scolding people since long ago. Today I witnessed it myself, the guy was scolded for almost half an hour! That breaks the record of the day~
But he is right about one thing, we need to change the way of treatment towards different people, some people just don't deserved to be treated nicely.
They put no effort and expect outcomes, I think he also mentioned about me, since I was very lazy back then, but he didn't scold me ever since i was form 4, I guess he gave up~ LOL

He is also a very straight-forward person, he said many things, even about politics ( though I didn't understand what he was talking about )
He said there is a type of people existing in our society ( I mean malaysia society ), I don't know how to express the word in English though.
But it means a person that studies a lot but is not contributing to the society at all, or some who betray their own race.
Well, I can't understand so much @@

By the way, I checked my Japanese name online, it was Akimoto Yoshitoki.
I like the Yoshi word~The below is Yoshi, from Mario. It's so cute >_<
Nights everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

7th December 2009

Added a song to my blog, Suteki Da Ne (Orchestral Version)
Took me some time( I uploaded it myself~)
Well, long time no see, mr. blog
Its 7/12/2009 now, I am still SPM-ing, and tomorrow's the Chemistry paper...
I don't have great hopes on my SPM, but at least all credits, thats the minimum requirement to enter ST Form Six (Credits in BM,All sciences and maths)
If I can't get into Form Six, my future is definitely doomed, I don't know what i can do...
However, I did study for my subjects, at least credit. I think the previous subjects can get credits and Chemistry the last one!
Gambateh Ian!

After SPM, the NS is waiting for me, my camp is at KKB ( not kukubird ), Kuala Kubu Bharu, Kem Geo Kosmo. Hope it'll be a good experience for me.
Oh, I got my P driving license last month! Thats really lucky of me, hope I'll have the chance to drive once or twice before going to NS.
Thats all for today, Nights everyone!