Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6th October 2009

Upon reaching October, it had been more or less three months ever since i wrote my last blog post.
Thanks to Chung who put his blog URL on his messenger personal message, which made me remember the existence of my blog.
It was already more than a month since we, the STCO, went to Terengganu for the solo competition, and more than 10 months since we went to KL for our national competition.
God, i miss the days when we practised together, we played along together, we chat together, we laughed together, and even cried and cheered together.
However, now, i am only one month away from SPM, god bless me...
I went for my car lessons last few days, of course, due to my slow motion-ness,
i tend to master the skills slower than everyone,however, i will put more effort into it!
As for my school days, they are as dull as the colour of the sky nowadays, although they remain the same pattern all the time.
Tomorrow will be the start of PMR, good luck to those loved ones out there. Till then!