Monday, June 15, 2009

Cleaning Room!

Today's the first school day!
Nothing special~ But, i passed in my Biology!!! Applause! 43 marks~ Improved by 10 marks~
After school went for chinese orchestra practice~
Today our performance was obviously alot better than Saturday!
Hope we can keep it up!
When i reached home by around 4.45, I started to arrange my room!
First task is to make the DIY table!!!
It tooks me around 1 hour to complete the table~
Nevermind! Then my mum said that maybe moving those cabinets will be appropriate~
So, i moved the closets!!!
So goes to the makeup table( it was my grandma table when she married)
My mum hates that table~ She says that it blocks the space and also looks 'K'~
Anyway, i moved it!!! When i was cleaning the dust, i accidentally knocked down a container...
Hundreds of 1 cents coins dropped!!! Took me some time to pick all of them up ==
I took all of my belongings including my books, bags,etc... to my room~(they were alot!!!)
Lastly i took approximately 4 hours to complete my room-arranging task!!!
My job ended at around 9 o'clock!!!
Here are my results =)
Those who came to my room before perhaps can notice the great change~

Anyway, i will be having an extra oral test on this Thursday.
According to my malay teacher, he says that it will be the pegawai from JPN to be the examiner... Scared >_<
Gambateh ian!!!!! For oral, for results, and for HuangMei Capriccio!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Student Development Leadership Seminar SDL

SDL was the best seminar i ever participate in,
and last thursday appeared to be the day we receive our certificate =)
these are the photos from the SDL (i am ugly, not photogenic)

Me and ShinYhi =)

Me and Shin Yuen(ShinYhi sister~)
Best Friends forever!
(Me, Shin Yuen, ShinYhi, Sister, Zhen Dong, Ee Vonne)

*Thanks Shin Yuen for sending me these photos! Although I am ugly~

Last Day of Holiday

Today's the last day of school holiday!
But, to me, holidays had been all the same ever since Form 2.
Every holiday, my schedule will be stuffed with Chinese Orchestra practices.
So, holidays mean nothing to me~
Have to wake up earlier in the coming days... Nevermind!
Watched Bleach 《The Memories of Nobody》today, nice movie =)
Kelvin gor gor came back today~ One more target for sms-ing~ Haha XD
Sold 2 tickets to Min Yi today, hope she can attend =)
It will be a busy week starting tomorrow!
Gambateh! STCO! For ourselves, for our teachers, and for the 'couple' =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

HuangMei Capriccio

HuangMei Capriccio is landing soon on the 20th of June!
The Information is as shown in the poster, hope to see all in the concert!

Special Day

13/6/2009 is indeed a very special day for us,
the form 5 seniors of Sam Tet Chinese Orchestra.
It may be the LAST time we come together to a music camp...
Since our concert the HuangMei Capriccio is coming soon, which is on the 20/6,
today, there was a full rehearsal for the concert.
Speaking honestly, i don't think its a good rehearsal anyway,
me myself didn't perform well.
I always know, i don't have those so knowned as 'music-blood' flowing in my bloodstream,
I would like to apologise to those whom i had let them down...

Then, there was this moment, such special moment,
when some of the committees and seniors took turn to talk to us,
trying to encourage us, 'wake' us up, boosting up our spirit,
but then...
This couple, this hateful couple, ruined all the things by giving some 'meaningful' speech.
Ok, maybe I am a little stupid, I didn't understand her sentence at first,
I thought it was meant to praise us, but oops, its not!
She said only we, the Form 5 is contributing to our band, and asked us to clap,
sorry all, for clapping a few times.

To HER, I don't understand, why is there such person still existing in this world?
How could her survive the tough society out there?
Practise TOLERANCE please!
Try to be NICE!
I would be so shameful to say such things in front of my own child to his society!
Even if the whole band wants to thank us, I think it will be very logical?
We support the whole band for so long!
God Bless You!

For all those members out there, don't be influenced by HER!
Remember saying ERASE to negative influences!
And [Those Who Angers Me, Conquers Me!]
Don't be influenced!
Gambateh all!! Including myself.

Welcome Knowns and Unknowns!

Hi everyone!
Its my pleasure to present you all my new blog!
Its actually its a mimic of my friend's one, but never mind! I don't think he will angry me for it anyway.
Visits oftenly and gives me some comments when you are free. =)